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Scotty Hoag My younger years were made up of beautiful, sunny days wasted by staying inside playing video games, watching Saturday morning cartoons while eating heaps of sugar-coated cereals (Especially the ones that had toys inside), and drawing treasure maps and custom Super Mario Bros. levels all over my homework.

I attended San Joaquin Delta College's "Middle College High School". This allowed me to take college courses in place of my high school electives, so I was able to start taking college-level programming classes and writing simple video games while still in high school. I served terms as Events Coordinator,  Vice President, and finally President of Delta College's Honors Society "Alpha Gamma Sigma" while working towards my Associates degree.

I then transferred to the University of California at Berkeley where I
got my Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and undergraduate certificate in New Media studies. As an undergrad I also did research for the Hybrid Systems Lab where I helped teach autonomous quad-rotor drones to play capture the flag, and also did research for the Social App Lab @ CITRIS where I developed serious games for promoting health and fitness. I also worked as a teaching assistant for the Video Game Development class where I held workshops on video game programming. I continue to take classes to learn new skills - most recently in Entertainment and Theme Park Attraction Design at the Pasedena ArtCenter College of Design.

At present, I am working on video games and amusement park attractions as a senior software and games engineer. Professionally, I am interested topics concerning game and interaction design, tangible (Particularly unique/obscure) user interfaces, robotics, embedded systems,
theme and amusement park attractions, and new media art.

...and I still play a lot of video games, watch cartoons, and eat unhealthy sugar-coated cereal. Some things never change!

Professional History

Game Titles I've Worked On    [Title - Studio, Publisher: Platforms (Launch Date)]

Sex, Death, & Rock! - Two Bit Circus: Dinner Theater (February 2020)
Skee Battle - Two Bit Circus: Midway Game (February 2020, Unreleased)
Doctor Botcher's Minute Medical School - Two Bit Circus: Arcade (September 2019)
Last Ball Standing - Two Bit Circus: Midway Game (September 2018)
Demolition Zone - Two Bit Circus: Midway Game (September 2018)
Big Top Balloon Pop - Two Bit Circus: Midway Game (September 2018)
Super Thunder Bloxx - Two Bit Circus: Arcade (September 2018)
Danger Danger - Two Bit Circus: Arcade (September 2018)
Robot Battle Royale - Two Bit Circus: Arcade (July 2018, Unreleased)
TUPAC: TwoBitCircus Unity Protocol for App Communication - Two Bit Circus: Library for Arcade Games (July 2018)
Battlezone Arcade - Rebellion, Two Bit Circus: Arcade (September 2018)
Untitled Virtual Reality + Motion Simulator Ride - Two Bit Circus: Arcade (December 2017, Unreleased)
World War Toons: Tank Up! - WayForward, Studio Roqovan: Gear VR, Oculus GO (September 2017)
The Gadgetron - Two Bit Circus: Art Installation (December 2016)
The Spellbinder - Two Bit Circus: Arcade (August 2016)
Deja Cube - Two Bit Circus: Smart Toy (May 2016, Unreleased)
Marvel Puzzle Quest - WayForward, D3: XBox360, PS3 (October, 2015)
Adventure Time Puzzle Quest - WayForward, D3: iOS, Android (July 2015)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze - WayForward, Activision: XBox360, PS3, 3DS (October 2014)
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! - WayForward, D3: WiiU, XBox360, PS3, PC, 3DS (November 2013)
The Smurfs 2 - WayForward, Ubisoft: Wii, WiiU, XBox360, PS3 (July 2013)
Lalaloopsy: Carnival of Friends - WayForward, Activision: DS, 3DS (October 2012)
Pokerwalk - Berkeley Social Apps Lab @ CITRIS: Android (February 2011)
Conway's Live Wallpaper - The Biz: Android (September 2011)


November 2020 - Present: Embodied, Inc. - Software Developer, Interactive Design
May 2020 - September 2020:
Tiny Castle Studios - Gameplay Programmer
March 2016 - March 2020:
Two Bit Circus - Senior Games Engineer
June 2012 -
March 2016: WayForward Technologies - Lead Gameplay Programmer
May 2011 - August 2011: Altera (Now part of Intel) - Software Development and IP Intern
January 2011 -
May 2011: UC Berkeley Teaching Assistant for "Anthropology 196: Urban Game Research and Design"
January 2011 -
May 2011: UC Berkeley Social App Lab @ CITRIS - Technical Director, Full Stack Developer
May 2010 -
May 2011: UC Berkeley EECS: Hybrid Systems Lab - Research Assistant, Full Stack Developer
December 2010 -
January 2011: The Blitz - Mobile Games Programmer



B.A., Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science -
December 2010, University of California, Berkeley
Undergraduate Certificate, New Media - December 2010, University of California, Berkeley (Alumni List)
A.A., Associates of Arts, Liberal Arts - May 2006, San Joaquin Delta College

In Progress
M.A., Master of Sciences, Digital Media - Georgia Institute of Technology

Others (No Degree)
Pasadena ArtCenter College of Design - Studied Entertainment Design and Theme Park Attraction Design

Tonwnsend Center for the Humanities: G.R.O.U.P. Summer Apprenticeship - May 2010
NATCar Autonomous Race Car Competition, 6th place (Out of 13) - May 2010
UC Berkeley Digital Design Project Contest 1st place - December 2009
Alpha Gamma Sigma Honors Society Scholarship winner - May 2008

Conference Presentations, Talks, Tech Demonstrations, and Art Exhibitions

2015, March 11th - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley
    "Hybrid Systems in Human-Centered Automation"
    Claire Tomlin (I am cited for my research work on page 17)

2012, August 20th - Center for Hybrid Software Systems
    "BEARCAT: Student Outreach and Human/Automation Systems Research"
    Haomiao Huang, Claire Tomlin, Zhengyuan Zhou, Andrew Sy, Scott Hoag, Steven Xu, Ayushi Samaddar, Catherine Pavlov

2012, February 22nd - Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI)
    "A Nested API Structure to Simplify Cross-Device Communication"
    Andy Wu, Sam Mendenhall, Jayraj Jog, Loring Scotty Hoag, Ali Mazalek

2011, May 17th - Games for Health 2011,
    "Pathways & Pokerwalk : Fitness & Rehabilitation Through Mobile Play"
    (With Ann Beaver and Melissa Yu)

2011, April 19th - UC Berkeley Undergraduate Research Poster Session,
    "Automation-Assisted Capture-the-Flag: Reachability-based Decision Aids for Human Agents"
    (With Andrew Sy)

2011, April 19th - UC Berkeley Undergraduate Research Poster Session,
    "Social App Lab at CITRIS: Positive Impact Games"
    (With Ann Beaver and Melissa Yu)

2011, February 28th - Game Developers Conference 2010, Serious Games Summit Playfest
    "Health Games from the Social App Lab at CITRIS: PokerWalk and Pathways"
    (With Ann Beaver)

2010, November 3rd-13th - 2010 Art Practice Faculty Show, Worth Ryder Art Gallery,
    (With Ann Beaver, Pedro Cota, Anna Vignet, James Holston, and Greg Niemeyer)

2010, April - UC Berkeley Cal Day Presentations
    "From Processors to Video Games"
    (With Tony DeMarco)

2008, November - Art Practice Undergraduate Exhibition
    "Robotic Barbershop Trio"
    Scotty Hoag


Martial Arts
I practiced Korean Martial Arts for several years in the Wushu Tae Kwon Do style. I trained under a hard-style system, where the best defense is a good offense. I achieved the rank of first-level black belt.

Maker Movement
When I get home from work, it's time for tinkering! Whether it's programming micro-controllers or sculpting a digital model for 3D printing, you can be sure I always have something in the works that will result in lots of fun and some voided warranties (And possibly a fire alarm or two).

Classic Film
I currently live in the greater Los Angeles area where movies are a way of life for many. Almost every weekend you can find me in an old theater watching a 30's silent comedy, a 50's noir crime drama, or a terrible 80's/90's karate-disco-romance-comedy-thriller-musical that probably sounded like a great idea to the filmmakers while they were under the effects of some
legally questionable substance.

Arcade Collecting
Over the years, I have been fulfilling a childhood dream by piecing together my very own arcade. My collection has grown impractically and irresponsibly large. I am slowly restoring a number of old games, including one of the few remaining Computer Space cabinets.

Internet Profiles
- YouTube - Thingiverse - VAPS

Contact Information
Phone: (209)-298-2622