Scotty Hoag
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Skee Battle
February 2020 (Unreleased) - Two Bit Circus - Midway Game

This is a prototype game demoed publicly at Two Bit Circus's Beta Night, February 2020. Throw balls into the scoring holes to earn points. Projection-mapped elements interact with the real-world pegs and walls to score bonus points.

I wrote all of the game code and developed an in-game projection-mapping system to calibrate the image and line up the virtual elements with their real-world counterparts. Virtual elements bounce off of physical elements and activate scoring holes just like the physical balls do! There are two levels that the game cycles between every five minutes with appropriate visuals, sounds, and game mechanics for each: The Pinball stage has a multiball bonus that litters the field with dozens of score-boosting silver balls, while on the Metal stage has flaming skulls that shoot out from the lava pit at the bottom of the ramp to burn the field.

This was a proof of concept idea that was built in a very short amount of time. Please excuse my heavy use of free Unity Asset Store elements: There was NO art budget for this project!