Scotty Hoag
Programmer Portfolio  (209)-298-2622

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest
for iOS and Android

logoIt was bound to happen sooner or later: Adventure Time now has its own match-3 spin off puzzle game!

Developed by WayForward and published by D3, players recruit a band of heroes from the TV show to fight their way through the Candy, Fire, and Ice Kingdoms in search of loot.

My contributions are primarily with the puzzle grid. I developed systems for testing and evaluating board states, creating unique board behaviors for status effects and types of loot, and keeping everything in sync with the battle system, as well as developing Unity tools for designers to easily create custom board layouts. A match-3 game may not sound that difficult to pull off, but we added dozens of power ups and specail tile types that made everything really complex, and - I would argue - way more fun than other match-3 games. It's free to download and try, so give it a shot!