Scotty Hoag
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Big Top Balloon Pop
September 2018 - Two Bit Circus - Midway Game

Balloon Pop is a modern take on the typical "Pop the balloons" game you see in carnival midways. Throw the colored balls at the balloons on the screen. If the ball's color matches the balloon's color, the balloon pops. If they don't match, the balloon changes to the ball's color. If three or more like-colored balloons line up in a row, they all pop. Play cooperatively with friends and family to score more points.

I worked primarily on the hardware-side for this game. We are using a PLC to control a pneumatic platform that raises and lowers to deliver the balls to players, compressed air hose valves to shoot air poofs at players when they pop special powerup balloons, and light boxes to illuminate the stage when a game is in session. I wrote PLC firmware and Unity C# and F# gameplay code to activate those interactions, as well as C# Modbus TCP code to facilitate communication between the two. I also wrote logic for the embed card reader and start button which is controlled with an Arduino Teensy microcontroller.