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Blender Bot

If you like jazz and pretty colors, then I've got the perfect game for you! Blender Bot is agame where you help an artistic robot zip around space with its tractor-beam and mix paint in time with catchy music. As colors mix, drums and cymbals are dynamically added into the background track with different beats depending on your combo chain. The concept was co-developed with my friend Jeff Armstead who also composed the amazing music and sound effects and drew the interface graphics. The rules are a bit complicated if you don't remember the primary color rules from highschool art class, but it becomes very fun and competitive once you get into it!

All you need to know to play is:

Red + Blue = Violet
Red + Yellow = Orange
Yellow + Blue = Green
Red + Yellow + Blue = Brown

Match the color onscreen by mixing the appropriate colors to score points. Give it a shot!

Jazzy Robot Music, courtesy of the very talented Jeff Armstead: Gameplay Title


Linux Tested on Ubuntu 8.04.

Windows Tested on Vista, should work on XP.

Mac Tested on my laptop, whatever version of OSX it's running...

title screen    gameplay