Scotty Hoag
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Danger Danger
September 2018 - Two Bit Circus - Arcade

"AVOID MINES FOR HIGHSCORE" - That's the basic instructions players receive when they approach Danger Danger. Weave your way through the mass of falling mines. Touch them and it's game over, but getting close to the mines detonates them without hurting you. You can use this to carve open a path through the chaos and survive one more wave. The longer you stay alive, the higher you will climb on the highscore leaderboard.

My friend - Game Designer Mike Longely - and I were tasked with coming up with game concepts for a unique, internally developed "Skidoo" arcade platform with a 1024x7040 total resolution display area. We were given one week to design and build a playable prototype to show off at Two Bit's next Beta Night event for feedback. That prototype grew into Danger Danger, which is now playable in the Arcade section of the Two Bit Circus micro-amusement park.

I co-developed the gameplay concept along with Mike Longely. After that, I wrote the key gameplay systems: Player controls, mine spawners, and the SHMUP-style score bonus system which awards increasingly more points based on how many mines are caught in a single explosion chain. I eventually moved on to develop Two Bit's midway games, but continued to oversee the development of Danger Danger until the ship date. To this day, Danger Danger is one of my favorite projects.