Scotty Hoag
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    This was a project for a visual design class. The project spec was to create a mobile application prototype for flu awareness, prevention, or treatment for the Center for Disease Control. My take on the assignment was to create an a iPad storybook to teach kids about the flu. Children can flip through colorful pages to learn about what the flu is, how it spreads, and how to prevent getting it themselves. Many of the illustrations are animated and come to life when the reader taps on them. There is also a simple, retro 32-bit style puzzle game included called Outbreak!! that teaches children about the benefits of flu shots and herd immunity.

    The storybook was written using Tumult Hype, while Outbreak!! was coded entirely in HTML5 and Javascript. You can play it in any supporting web browser, although it looks best on an iPad using a fullscreen capable web browser.

Play Flu Discovery!  or  Play Outbreak!!

Both Flu Discovery and Outbreak!! require an HTML5 compatible browser and Javascript!


Good Cells  Bad Cells  Outbreak!!