Scotty Hoag
Programmer Portfolio  (209)-298-2622

The Gadgetron
December 2016 - Two Bit Circus - Art Installation

The Gadgetron is an art piece created for Two Bit Circus's "Anti-Gala". Various buttons and widgets light up, and touching them before they turn off awards points on the global scoreboard on top of the machine. The more people that are playing, the more points each widget activation is worth. Get a bunch of friends to join in and try to score 1,000,000,000 points!

I wrote Arduino microcontroller C++ for reading user input across various physical widgets from simple buttons to joysticks, levers, gear shifters, toggle switches, steering wheels, pinball plungers, slot machine arms, punching bags, and gas lawnmower starter pull strings. I also wrote RS485 serial communication system for communication with other microcontrollers, as the LED columns were controlled by a different microcontroller.

I needed to create tools for speeding up compilation. I wrote Python scripts for translating JSON configuration files into C++ class code. Then, I added one-button build scripts for the Eclipse C++ compiler to run the Python scripts, compile the generated C++ class files, and write the binary firmware to the Arduino microcontroller.