Scotty Hoag
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The Computer as an Expressive Medium

The projects listed below were made for class assignments. Please ensure that you can run Java Applets.

Create a maze by "painting" a seed onto your map and watch it grow via cellular automation. Then try to find your way to the exit. You can make the path more complicated by putting down waypoints that the solution has to pass through.

WASD - Move and strafe.
Mouse Click+Drag - Turn, draw on map
Mouse Click - Drop waypoint onto map.

M - Toggle Map

Q - Ascend (Fly)
E - Descend (Fall)
1 - Cycle through solution display modes.

Energy Hog

Watch as "Ball Lightning" floats up from the many energy inefficient states.
The size, speed, and color of the balls is determined by the cost of energy per kilowat hour accross residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of the state.

NONE - Not interactive.


ritters run around hunting for your mouse pointer and avoiding obstacles. Each critter's movement is determined through various forces acting upon them including attractive forces from the target and repellant forces from obstacles and other mice. This results in natural flocking formations. You can also scare mice away from the mouse pointer with a right-click line-of-sight anti-target.

Note: This one is still a work in progress, and thus is a little buggy.

Left Drag: Move mouse attractor target.
Right Drag: Move mouse detractor anti-target.