Scotty Hoag
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STARMAC: Capture the Flag

One of my current projects is with the Berkeley EECS Hybrid Systems Lab. I am working under Prof. Claire Tomlin and Haomiao Huang to develop a version of the game "Capture the Flag" that can be played with the STARMAC quad-rotor UAV robots. Human players will use an Android cellphone app that I am developing to communicate with the quad-rotors and send them reconnaissance commands. The phones will also use the embedded GPS to display a map of the playing field and draw a visual overlay of the game state. Players will then be given cues on the map that explain which direction they should be running in to play optimally.

As this project is unfinished and the research paper is awaiting publication (My first real contribution to academic research! It's so exciting!), I can not disclose much more. Please check back after the paper has been published for more information.

Map display

The phone displays a map of the playing field, active players, and UAVs using GPS.

Reachability Set

As the player moves, the server recalculates the reachable set of positions the player can transition into.

Phone in hand

The player can see the map and reachable sets directly on their mobile phone.

starmac quad-rotor

The STARMAC UAVs will be used for enemy surveillance and reconnaissance.

Canadian Flag

We said that it was capture the flag, but we never said which flag...