Scotty Hoag
Programmer Portfolio  (209)-298-2622

September 2018 - Rebellion, Two Bit Circus - Arcade

Some of the larger attractions in the virtual reality arena at Two Bit Circus are the VR PODs, and the main experience to play on them is a custom co-op multiplayer version of Rebellion's 2016 Battlezone. I wrote the firmware for the custom twin-stick joysticks on our DBOX motion chairs using Arduino Teensy microcontrollers.

Included in the firmware is the ability to change the radius of the center position dead-zone to extend the life of joysticks, change scaling of min/max joystick values to accommodate alternative parts which may not have the same voltage outputs, auto-calibration, and the ability to save custom calibration settings onto the Arduino's internal EEPROM storage (With auto-load from EEPROM when powered up).

I later modified and re-used this joystick code for other attractions in the park including Clusterpuck Arcade and our story rooms like Dr. Botcher's. I also worked on joystick code and wrote vehicle simulation games for the VR POD prototypes.

Two Bit Circus Attraction Page: VR PODS