Scotty Hoag
Programmer Portfolio  (209)-298-2622

Virtual Reality Motion Simulator Ride
December 2017 - Two Bit Circus - Amusement park ride (Unreleased)

I built several vehicle simulations for the CKAS 6-degree of freedom motion simulator with virtual reality support as part of my R&D work at the Two Bit Circus micro-amusement park. I wrote C# serial communications systems for Unity simulations to interface with the motion platform, and also wrote games simulating the motion of a race car, a space ship, and a tank. The tank and space ship simulations had some basic target shooting mechanics. I also wrote firmware for the twin joystick control setup built into the pilots seat on the platform. The games were VR-enabled as well, and supported Oculus and HTC Vive head mounted displays.

While we ultimately went with a different motion platform for the park, we did get some cool videos of television news personalities riding the machine and having a lot of fun while doing so. Below you can see a video from the British tech show BBC Click where the host, Spencer Kelly, and I are shown briefly riding the motion simulator and playing my prototype games. Two Bit later Circus used the prototype games I wrote to evaluate commissioning D-BOX motion chair enhanced versions of popular VR games, including Battlezone (Which I also did some hardware work for).